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Best Play School, Daycare & Activity Center For Kids In Indirapuram

Kindergarten Program

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Best Play School, Daycare & Activity Center For Kids In Indirapuram

Kindergarten Program

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Developing Independence and Natural Interests

Kids are encouraged to become active seekers of knowledge. Teachers often make individualized learning plans for each child. Kids have the freedom (within limits) to explore what most interests them, and lessons are designed teach them to think critically and work collaboratively.

Areas of Focus

Health and Safety

Your top priority is making sure your child is healthy, safe and happy. It is ours as well. Our team and the environment are prepared with that in mind.

Sensorial Activities

Learning through the five senses helps children comprehend and classify the world around them.

Individualized learning plans

Educators guide children to develop new skills and explore new experiences in various developmental areas at his or her own pace.

Social interaction

Children engage in group activities like games, story time, music & dance and art & craft. They get to interact with each other and make friends while learning & having fun.

Cultural & Social Awareness

Events are organized to celebrate different festivals and occasions. Children get to learn about our culture and significance of the special days.

Parent communication

Consistent and regular updates about your child’s progress, helps you stay informed and involved in your child’s care.


Kindergarten children have a considerable amount on their plates! Youngsters in this evaluation are taught essential math and basic written work traditions on an establishment of numbers and letters. In Junior DPS, learning is fun through play and modern teaching aids.

  • Age Group: 4 to 5 Years
Syllabus & Activities (Oral & Written)
  • Numbers (1 to 100)
  • Number Names (1 to 10)
  • Numbers: Before/After
  • Addition / Subtraction
  • Alphabets (Aa to Zz)
  • Cursive Writing
  • Names - Fruits, Vegitables, Animals
  • Means of Transport
  • Hindi Swar-Vyanjan
  • Rhymes
  • Art & Craft
  • Story telling
  • Puppet theatre
  • Educational Videos
  • Public Speaking
  • Music & Dance
  • Social Behaviour
  • Table Manners

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